One more Touchpad freeze solution

Hi there!

Your touchpad freezes some times, for short times or shows weird function?
The cursor jumps around when a finger or the hand comes near the pad?
After reboot or disabling/enabling the touchpad works again for some time?

You have tried all possible drivers - without success?

The error occurs in windows and/or Linux / Ubuntu or other operating systems?

Maybe the solution is a bad connection of the touchpad controller board to the mainboard and/or
a weak ground connection to mainboard ground.

I my case an Acer Aspire V3-371 52VR showed these phenomena after an few months.
I scanned search engines and numerous discussion threads - and when driver variation
doesn't help people sent back their notebooks for cash back or repair.

For example see Acer Forum and another link to Acer Forum.

If you feel fine when opening a notebook (or you are a brave type) you can try this:
The pictures are taken while working on my Acer

The battery connector: Just pull it out..

The keybord cable connector: Just pull the white bar towards the blue strap to release the flat cable.

The battery is fixed by two screws on both sides...
After removing the battery you can see the touchpad frame. Open the clamping bars of the connectors and release the cable.

Remove the cable coming from mainboard to touchpad and clean the contacts of the cable (e.g. with clean letter paper).

The two arrows below are showing the ground connection from touchpad PCB to the touchpad frame and from that to the main frame of the notebook.

The ground connection was not good - an ohm meter showed some hundred ohms between the left copper pad of the touchpad circuit board
and system ground.

A new ground connection must be made:
I soldered a flat cable strand to the free ground pad of the touchpad PCB and screwed it to the fixation screws of the touchpad frame and wifi board.
See photo below:

After the connection check I can say: the ground connection is at best!

Remount all components in reverse order and test your new notebook. Mine worked like a charm after this hour of work...

I soldered the ground cable to the touchpad PCD - as said.

This led to a buckle on the touchpad surface....

To avoid this, lay down the touchpad surface on a cool, flat metal surface or cool it other ways. Keep the soldering time as short as possible!

The type of the touchpad is:


If your touchpad feels rattly and noisy, you can do this:

Use a thick, soft adhesive (insulation) tape and put it between the frame an the fixation noses:


If the SSD coming with your Acer Aspire V3-371 52VR becomes too small:

The Crucial CT512M550SSD4 internal SSD 512GB (Form M.2) works fine!


Have fun - and good luck!




Norbert Mitzkus mailed me his solder free solution:

He used an adhesive copper band (yellow arrows) - no risk to get buckles on the touchpad surface...

There are another two conductive band connections (red arrows) - it seems they were added in the production.

Please test the conductivity of the red and yellow signed bands before reassembling the notebook
and keep in mind that glued connections may deteriorate over time.

Gerold from Switzerland just used fine wires leading from the two holes beside the touchpad frame

fixation screws to a good, reliable ground connection (e.g. the screw of the Wifi-card).

Image-Album of his mod


But be aware: After your modification check the resistance between the two large copper ground pads of the

touch pad circuit board and the system ground. The weird touchpad is caused by an decreasing ground

connection in the original assembly - but your modification should work "for ever"....

This was the reason I decided to solder a wire to the ground pad - with the result of a buckle on the touchpad surface....