TitleAid 70X
A small interface and DOS-Software for
Sharp MiniDisk Recorder MD-MS7XX

First released:  9. July 1999
Last updated: 05. May 2007

Hi Sharpys!

First of all: I can't built and sell the interface due to lack of time.
But I'm willing to give support via eMail...

I'm very surprised about the enthusiastic response!
Thank you for your comments!
If you have any experience with any other Sharp MD-Recorder please eMail me!
I will share/link the info!
And if you have written a better soft -you're welcome too!
And here is the first response:

The parts signed with on the remote can be controlled with TitleAid, primary an easy way to input the names of tracks or disk. Every key not present on the original remote has to be pressed on the sharp. TitleAid just can simulate remote keys!

The interfaces speed is 10 keytouchs per second. A name-string is transferred in a few seconds.
The electronic consists of a CD4051 (8 analog switches, binary selectable), a cap, four diodes (e.g. 1N4148 or other small signal diodes - I used schottky types I found in my "wonder chest"), 10 resistors (1/8 or 1/4W - the smaller the better, and the values can be "near by" - no accuracy to the least Ohm necessary! At least: 6k9 means 6900 Ohms <-; ) , a 25pin SUB-D with housing and a cable with selfmade plug (for the MD remote slot).
Thats all... Costs: Around $10!

View enlarged!
This is the remote plug and the internal wiring. The numbers are introduced by me. Pin 5 is connected to the resistor-net in the remote. Pin 4 is digital ground. Pins 7 and 8 are for LCD display data and switching the background illumination.

View enlarged!
Thats all - a selfmade plug and a small circuitry...
$10 and two hours in the evening...
Soldered on a vero with single pads, no stripes.

View enlarged! The plug - final state ...
Made from a 3.5mm earphone plug and a small piece of a vero-board (1mm thick). The the shown piece is cut from an old board's edge connector and filed down from 1.7mm to 1mm. The metal stripe must connect PIN5 near Line IN. The vero-board is glued in an 1mm-slot I've cut in the earphone plug's plastic case.

Schematic of the interface


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Have more fun with your sharp...

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last revised: 05-Mai-2007